Our Service Offerings


Fork Lower service $60-80 + parts

New seals and oil and a thorough cleaning of the lowers.

Fork manufacturers recommend having this service performed every 40-60 hours, which for many riders is several times per season.  Running fresh seals and oil in a fork not only improves ride quality but also helps one of the most expensive components of your bike hold up to hard use for years.  

Fork Overhaul   $150-200 + parts

Full damper rebuild and bleed. Air spring service.  New seals and oil.

This service is recommended every 100 hours. Some forks will show symptoms of a damper in need of help or an air spring not functioning properly, while many others performance simply degrade over time, so weather you feel your fork is working properly, doing a full service on a fork always makes a dramatic improvement in performance and feel.

Rear shock service $50

Clean, New Seals, and Oil

Next time you have a fun decent on your bike, reach down and feel the heat produced by your rear shock. That is the fun maker doing its job, with roughly 3cc of fluid in most rear shocks, their maintenance is one of the most important things you can do for a bike. At the same 40-60 hr. service interval as the fork, the rear shock service is critical for performance and longevity of your beloved steed.


Rear shock overhaul $100-150

Complete Damper service with nitrogen charge.

With the specialty tooling and equipment to do factory service, nothing else can restore your shock to its best shape, also the perfect service to pair with some custom tuning.

Custom Tuning $prices vary

Most suspension components are made for the median rider. There are many instances where a light weight rider can’t use all of their travel or a heavier rider can't achieve the correct sag without making the bike ride harsh. Or a rider simply isn’t achieving the desired feedback from there bike for their specific riding style. We have the tooling and know how to help guide you. Examples of custom tuning include but are not limited to:

  • changing spring rate to be more linear or more progressive based on a riding style, bike set up, or rider weight.

  • modifying or replacing shim stacks to improve dampening

  • modifying or replacing rebound circuits to achieve optimal performance

  • updating older componentry with current internals to breath new life into trusted gear

Rockshox reverb overhaul $150 parts and labor

Almost as important as the suspension on your bike, having your dropper seatpost sag or not return is a huge drag and regular maintenance is critical. recommended as a 100 hr service.

Specialized command post overhaul. $100 parts and labor

Being a specialized dealer means we know the insides and out of all the components they spec. Being one of the best seat posts on the market doesn’t mean they don’t need a little love every so often.



We dyno dest all of the suspension components we service so we know they are ready to party before you hit the trail next.  


We can service Rock Shox, Fox, Ohlins, Manitou, & Marzocchi.